Bulk milk is described as raw milk from a dairy farm, as stored in a bulk tank; in contrast with packaged milk. Other bulk products, such as condensed skim and cream, may also be transported in bulk form.

Butcher block is described as rectangular or round shape-6, 10, 14, or 16 inches thick-consisting of hard rock maple strips, kiln dried, hydraulically pressed together, glued, and steel-doweled through. Work surface of block is smoothed surface of ends of strips. Block mounted on open-type wood or steel legs.

Bushmeat refers to the meat for human consumption derived from wild animals.

Bus support insulator is a porcelain or fiberglass insulators that serve to isolate the bus bar switches and other support structures and to prevent leakage current from flowing through the structure or to ground. These insulators are similar in function to other insulators used in substations and transmission poles and towers.

Bullet refers to the projectile expelled from a gun. It is not synonymous with cartridge. Bullets can be of many materials , shapes, weights and constructions such as solid lead, lead with a jacket of harder metal, round-nosed, flat-nosed, hollow-pointed, etc.

Bulk carrier pertains to an ocean-going vessel used to transport bulk cargo items such as ore or food staples (rice, grain , etc.) and similar cargo. It can be recognized by the large box-like hatches on its deck, designed to slide outboard for loading.

Buffet is French term referring to sideboard used to store china, silver, and linens, with the top surface used as a counter in self-service informal dining.

Buckram is described as a heavy weave cotton cloth dyed and filled with a compound to make it more durable. Suitable for sustained use and heavier than book cloth.

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