Deutsch: Budget / Español: Presupuesto / Português: Orçamento / Français: Budget / Italiano: Bilancio

Budget is a financial plan that estimates the revenue and expenditures for a specific period, typically a fiscal year. In the industrial context, a budget is crucial for planning, controlling, and managing financial resources to ensure that an organization meets its financial goals and operational needs.

Deutsch: Grundgestein / Español: Roca madre / Português: Rocha de base / Français: Roche mère / Italian: Roccia madre

Bedrock refers to the solid rock layer found beneath the surface materials such as soil, gravel, or sand. In the industrial context, particularly in construction, mining, and geology, bedrock plays a crucial role as it often serves as a stable foundation for structures or as a significant source of valuable minerals and resources.

Deutsch: Business-to-Business / Español: Negocio a negocio / Português: Negócio para negócio / Français: Entreprise à entreprise / Italiano: Impresa a impresa

Business-to-business (B2B) refers to transactions and relationships between businesses rather than between businesses and individual consumers. In the industrial context, B2B interactions are crucial for the supply chain, procurement, manufacturing, and services sectors, facilitating the flow of goods, services, and information between companies.

Deutsch: Bitumen / Español: Betún / Português: Betume / Français: Bitume / Italiano: Bitume

Bitumen is a black, viscous material derived from crude oil through the refining process. In the industrial context, bitumen is primarily used in construction and road paving due to its adhesive and waterproofing properties.

Deutsch: Benzol / Español: Benceno / Português: Benzeno / Français: Benzène / Italiano: Benzene

Benzene in the industrial context refers to an organic chemical compound with the formula C₆H₆. It is a colorless, highly flammable liquid with a sweet odor and is widely used in various industrial processes.

Deutsch: Entstehung / Español: Nacimiento / Português: Nascimento / Français: Naissance / Italiano: Nascita

Birth in the industrial context typically refers to the inception or creation of a new product, process, or technology. It symbolizes the initial phase of bringing an idea or innovation into existence within the industry.

Deutsch: Käufer / Español: Comprador / Português: Comprador / Français: Acheteur / Italiano: Acquirente

A buyer in the industrial context refers to an individual or entity responsible for purchasing raw materials, components, equipment, or services necessary for industrial operations. Buyers play a crucial role in the supply chain, ensuring that production processes run smoothly by securing the needed resources at optimal prices.

Deutsch: Bauunternehmer / Español: Constructor / Português: Construtor / Français: Constructeur / Italiano: Costruttore

In the industrial or industry context, a builder refers to an individual or business entity responsible for the construction of buildings or other structures. Builders are key players in the construction industry, overseeing and executing the construction and renovation of buildings, infrastructure, and other physical structures.