Baby scale is an equipment useful for mothers concerned about low milk supply. A baby scale is described as a tool to verify baby's weight gain and also the amount of breast milk received in any given nursing.

By weighing the baby using the baby scale, before and after nursing and doing a little subtraction, a nursing mother can determine the number of ounces the baby nursed from the breast. Since a nursing baby is usually more efficient than any breast pump, this method is preferred to breast pumping for determining how much milk the baby may be getting. For these purposes a baby scale accurate to 15 grams or less may be rented from many breast pump rental stations.
Ref: 122117/2006-09-19
Back priming refers to the application of a coat of paint to the back of woodwork or exterior siding to prevent moisture from entering the wood and causing the grain to swell.
Ref: 86496/2006-09-14

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Backen, backers, backs
Back reamer is described as a drilling tool designed to enlarge a pilot hole. Typically employed by attaching to the drill string once it exits the ground (surface to surface installation).This tool can be used to forward ream a hole.
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Backhaul is simply permitting the wholesaler/retailer to make pickups and prevent him from having to run his truck while it's empty - in addition to providing for a backhaul allowance or discounts.

Wholesalers and direct buying retailers may have a program whereby they stop at manufacturer companies? plants to pick up products and receive a backhaul discount (saving the manufacturer hauling costs). From the manufacturer standpoint, if they permit this practice, they are participating in a backhaul program and this can occur even if he has his own trucks.
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Backhoe is described as a farm tractor with an excavator on the back, and, usually, a bucket and front end loader, on the front.

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"Backhoe" is in the UNSPSC Code "22101713"
  Backhoe boom or boom sections
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Backing is described as shaping a ridge on each side of the spine of a text block after rounding it. Keeps the spine of the text block from collapsing from use. Backing also helps to prevent the spine of the textblock from collapsing into a concave shape over time

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"Backing" is in the HS Code "7410"
  Copper Foil (Whether Ornot Printed Or Backed With Paper, Paperboard,Plastics Or Similar Backing Mate
Ref: 122125/2006-09-21

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Backlash is described as a strong and sudden reverse movement in a moving part of a machine .
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Backpack is described as a container, usually of fabric construction, carried on a person?s back and used to carry supplies. Earlier, backpacks were only used by people who are mountaineering, hunting and travelling, nowadays, backpacks function as a school bag
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Diskussionsforum (forum)

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Backpacks
Backup generator is a device that is used for fulfilling emergency load requirement during sudden shortage of power or brownouts
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Generatoren
Backwasher refers to a machine used for washing wool after carding to remove all impurities. It also dries the tops after washing by passing them over steam-heated cylinders, or perforated cylinders through which hot air is forced.
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