Bimetal thermometer refers to a thermometer in which temperature variations are indicated by the changes in the shape of a bar consisting of two metals with different expansion coefficients soldered together.

Blank holder restrains the metal on its movement as a double action of forming or drawing operation takes place.

Boiler refers to a type of space-heating equipment consisting of a vessel or tank where heat produced from the combustion of such fuels as natural gas, fuel oil, or coal is used to generate hot water or steam.

Beer a type of non-distilled , fermented beverage made from fermented barley malt or other cereal and sprouded grains, combined with water, hops, and yeast.

Blind-spline broaching allows for the machining of blind surfaces - surfaces that are impeded by a flange or protrusion that does not allow a cutting tool to pass completely through or over it.

Binder is a term to referring to a polymetic substance (e.g. starch-based adhesives) used to strengthen unfired glaze surfaces.

Blank refers to the mold part used in all glass container machines for preliminary formation of glass in preparation for the most efficient completion of glass containers in the finish molds where bottles are blown.

A Bolster is a device so fitted on a chassis or railcar so as to hold and secure the container.