A Cylinder is defined as:

1.) the drum-like part of a rotary printing press, also called a mandrel, to which curved printing plates are attached; and

2.) the seamless curved plate used on a press to print gravure stamps.

"Cylinder" is in the UNSPSC Code "26101713"
Cylinder heads

Ref: 123189/2006-09-19

Cylinder refers to a round, vertical chamber in which a piston moves up and down. In an internal combustion engine the cylinder contains the combustion process.

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"Cylinder" is in the NAICS Code "333995"
(Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator ManufacturingPneumatic cylinders, fluid power, manufacturing)

"Cylinder" is in the UNSPSC Code "14121702"
Cylinder papers or multi layer heavyweight paper

Ref: 120587/2006-09-19

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