Acid refers to a substance that dissolves in water with the formation of hydrogen ions, contains hydrogen which may be replaced by metals to form salt, and/or is corrosive.

Appliance revolves around a piece of equipment, commonly powered by electricity, used to perform a particular energy-driven function.

Asphalt is described as a brownish-black solid or semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons and other materials obtained from native deposits or as a petroleum byproduct, used in paving, roofing, and waterproofing.

Automata is described as a mechanically-operated figure of a human or animal, often smaller than life size.

Air service revolves around the total of scheduled and nonscheduled service.

Alkali burn refers to a condition that occurs when the alkalinity in fresh masonry causes the breakdown of a paint's binder, resulting in color loss and overall deterioration of the paint film.

Aid telescope also known as low vision telescope is described as telescopic optical system, Galilean or Keplerian that forms a magnified retinal image of an object.

Autotrophy refers to a unique form of metabolism found only in bacteria. Inorganic compounds (e.g., NH3, NO2-, S2, and Fe2+) are oxidized directly (without using sunlight) to yield energy.

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