Apparat is a word which means a telephone or phone, or on the phone . It means an apparatus.

Anchor rode is described as the line or chain attached to the anchor and secured to the boat.

AC adapter is specified as a transformer-type power supply that plugs into an ac (alternating current) power outlet and provides low voltage ac or dc (direct current) to provide power for accessory equipment.

Accumulator relates to a storage tank that holds liquid refrigerant from evaporator and prevents it from flowing into suction line before vaporizing.

An Audio board or audio console is identified as a basic desktop control center used to switch, mix and control audio levels for a variety of audio sources.

Ajutage refers to a tube fitted to the mouth of a vessel for the purpose of modifying the discharge of water. If cylindrical or conical, it considerably increases the efflux of water.

Lunch hook anchor is a type of anchor which is a small, light anchor used temporarily, one kind is the grapnel anchor/grapnel hook.

In the industrial/industry context, an accident refers to any unplanned event or occurrence that results in harm to people, damage to property, or disruption of normal business operations. Accidents can occur in a wide range of settings, including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, transportation systems, and more.

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