Acceleration sensor also known as G-switch is defined as a sensor that provides information about the rate of forward or reverse acceleration or deceleration.

Ref: 120884/2006-10-05

Autopilot pertains to a device used to steer a boat automatically, usually electrical, hydraulic or mechanical in nature. Self steering gear, a similar mechanism, may also be used on a sailing vessel.

Automatic weighing device is referring to a device that weighs without the intervention of an operator and that follows a predetermined program of automatic processes (Weighing Operations Manual)

Automatic piano is usually electrically-operated, which has the pedals automatically controlled and which has limited suction-level variations. Examples include the Hupfeld Phonoliszt, the Recordo, and the Seeburg Style X. Many expression pianos have separate automatic controls for bass and treble hammer rails.also called as expression piano.

Automated sortation pertains to the non-manual sortation of mail. This sortation uses specialised automated mail processing machinery.

Auto container is described as a container equipped for the transportation of vehicles.

Audio monitor is an audio amplifier and speaker system used to check and listen to audio during a production.

Audio generator refers to a piece of test equipment that produces audio tones from DC to well above human hearing.