Aligner is pertaining to the type of semiconductor manufacturing equipment used to transfer patterns onto wafers through the use of photolithography and exposure. Aligners can "align" a new pattern on a reticle or mask to patterns already on the wafer, hence the name aligner. (see Step and Repeat, Step and Scan below)

Analog refers to a continuously variable signal which is the opposite of digital.

Analogue is representing something in the real world. The term is often used in comparison with digital , for example comparing analogue and digital computers or analog or digital electrical signals.

Antioxidant denotes a chemical approved for the control of oxidation or rancidity in food products. USDA approved antioxidants include: BHT, BHA, propyl gallate. Regulations limit concentration to 0.003% for individual chemicals, 0.006% for combinations.

Airport operation service revolves around all activities involving airport operation. These include the handling of aircraft and passengers, baggage systems and cargo, and also such management tasks as marketing, procurement, human resources, and IT.

Air handler means an air moving and/or mixing unit. A blower, Coil, expansion device, heater rack and filter are some of residential air handlers. Heaters for air handlers are sold as accessories and in some models, heaters are factory installed.

Acceptor refers to the group three elements in the periodic table such as boron, B, aluminum, Al, gallium, Ga, or indium, In, have one less electron in the outer most energy level than silicon, Si. When these atoms are introduced into silicon, an impurity level is created near the valence band.

Bevel gear is characterized as gear of conical form designed to operate on intersecting axes. These gears allow transmission of poweraround corners so to speak as their shafts intersect. Most commonly the shafts will intersect at a 90° angle. Straight bevel gears have teeth that are straight, radially from the gears center point.

Angular bevel gear is characterized as a gear in which the axes are not at right angles.

Animal refers to any member of the animal kingdom, and includes:
a. any mammal, bird, finfish, shellfish, reptile, amphibian, insect or invertebrate;

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