Deutsch: Aagtekerke

The name Aagtekerke may refer to the following:

The name Aalst may refer to the following:

The manila plant or abaca fibre is described as a
vegetable leaf fiber derived from the Musa textilis plant that is cultivated in the Philippines, but is also found, in smaller amounts, in Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia and Costa Rica, where its long stalks and leaves are harvested for paper production.

Abalone is a mollusk that is a popular ingredient in Chinese dishes, particularly in Cantonese cooking. Abalone is a member of the genus Haliotis, which means sea ear, referring to the flat shell. It is available fresh, dried, or canned. In dried form it must be soaked for several days before using.

Ability is defined as the skill and aptitude that an employee needs in order to perform successfully the various tasks associated with a job.
Ability is the characteristic indicative of an individual's competence in a particular field. The term ability is frequently used interchangeably with aptitude, although many psychologists use "ability" to include what others term "aptitude" and "achievement."

Abnormal hemoglobin assay is described as a device consisting of the reagents , apparatus , instrumentation, and controls necessary to isolate and identify abnormal genetically determined hemoglobin types.

An abortion is a premature termination after a failure; (of a project, etc.)


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Deutsch: Abrasion / Français: Abrasion - Abrasion / Italiano: Abrasione - Abrasione

The term abrasion may refer to the following:

Abrasion resistance refers to resistance to being worn away by rubbing or friction. Abrasion resistance is a matter of toughness, rather than hardness. It is a necessary quality for floor finishes, enamels and varnishes.

Absolute ethanol refers to a pharmaceutical term for anhydrous ethanol. It is generally defined as having less than one per cent water.
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