Lunch hook anchor is a type of anchor which is a small, light anchor used temporarily, one kind is the grapnel anchor/grapnel hook.

In the industrial/industry context, an accident refers to any unplanned event or occurrence that results in harm to people, damage to property, or disruption of normal business operations. Accidents can occur in a wide range of settings, including manufacturing facilities, construction sites, transportation systems, and more.

In an industrial context, authorization refers to the process of granting or denying access to resources, facilities, information, or activities based on a set of predetermined rules, policies, or permissions. Authorization is essential for ensuring security, safety, and compliance in various industries.


In condensed matter physics and materials science, an amorphous (from the Greek a, "without", and morphé, "shape,, form") or non-crystalline solid is a solid that lacks the long-range order, which is a characteristic of a crystal. In some older articles and books,, the term was used synonymously with glass. 

Deutsch: Akkumulation / Español: Acumulación / Français: Accumulation

"Accumulation" generally refers to the process of collecting or gathering items or data over time.

In the industrial and business context, "assignment" generally refers to the delegation of a task, project, or responsibility to a person or team within an organization..

Deutsch: Aggregat / Français: Agrêgat 
An aggregate is a collection of items that are gathered together to form a total quantity. 

In the industrial context, 'aggregate' typically refers to a mixture of various materials such as sand, gravel, crushed stone, or slag that are used in construction to create concrete or other building materials.

In the industrial and industry context, authority typically refers to the power or control that an organization or individual has over a particular aspect of an industry or process.