Asphalt is described as a brownish-black solid or semisolid mixture of hydrocarbons and other materials obtained from native deposits or as a petroleum byproduct, used in paving, roofing, and waterproofing.

Automata is described as a mechanically-operated figure of a human or animal, often smaller than life size.

Air service revolves around the total of scheduled and nonscheduled service.

Alkali burn refers to a condition that occurs when the alkalinity in fresh masonry causes the breakdown of a paint's binder, resulting in color loss and overall deterioration of the paint film.

Aid telescope also known as low vision telescope is described as telescopic optical system, Galilean or Keplerian that forms a magnified retinal image of an object.

Autotrophy refers to a unique form of metabolism found only in bacteria. Inorganic compounds (e.g., NH3, NO2-, S2, and Fe2+) are oxidized directly (without using sunlight) to yield energy.

Attachment is pertaining to a file sent along with an e-mail. An attachment may be a picture or a document and has an extension which indicates which type of file it is, either rtf, jpg, jpeg.

Astronomical telescope makes reference to compound optical system, afocal in normal adjustment, consisting of a positive objective element or group and a positive ocular element or group forming a magnified, inverted image.

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