Aid microscope is referring to the lens system designed to produce an enlarged image. It may be a simple single element or compound multiple element system. This is an alternative term for microscope.

Asbestor yarn is consisting of asbestos fiber; asbestos and vegetable fibers; asbestos and vegetable fibers and wire; or asbestos and vegetable fibers with an insert of cotton or other yarn reinforcement.

API separator refers to a facility developed by the Committee on Disposal or Refinery Wastes of the American Petroleum Institute for separation of oil from wastewater in a gravity differential and equipped with means for recovering the separated oil and removing sludge.

Anti-corrosive paint refers to a paint designed to minimize Rust or corrosion when applied directly to metal.

Anthelmintics refer to drugs used to kill parasites.

Ancillary services revolve around any service required by a system operator to run the grid and deliver electricity to the ultimate consumer.

Analog-to-digital converter revolves around an electronic equipment used to change or convert an analog (waveform style) signal into a digital signal (made up of 1s and 0s).

Alternative-fueled vehicle (AFV) pertains to a vehicle either designed and manufactured by an original equipment manufacturer or a converted vehicle designed to operate in either dual-fuel, flexible-fuel, or dedicated modes on fuels other than gasoline or diesel.

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