Audio generator refers to a piece of test equipment that produces audio tones from DC to well above human hearing.

Animation camera were specifically designed for photographing frame-by-frame through stop-action lenses thus allowing the camera to capture fractions of movements. The camera is mounted on animation stands so that the media being filmed can be framed in a consistent and sequential manner.

Aneroid barometer is described as a mechanical barometer used to measure air pressure for warnings of changing weather. A barometer is an instrument used to measure atmospheric pressure, usually measured in inches of mercury or millibars.

Alga refers to an aquatic plants or plants of damp habitats having unicellular and multi-cellular forms that are distinguished from the fungi by the presence of chlorophyll.

Airbrushing denotes a technique of using an airbrush to create art or improve the appearance of art. It is the art of touching a up photo prior to the card being printed. It was generally done to remove imperfections or improve the work of art.

Airbrush was originally developed as an artist's tool that sprays a fine mist of paint, an airbrush is used both for illustration and retouching. It is described as an atomizer that applies a fine spray of paint under pressure from a tank of compressed air or carbonic gas. Photoshop includes an airbrush tool.

Air ride rear suspension is a type or kind of suspension comprised of air bags.

Air ride cab is referring to a truck cab that is mounted on air bags.