Deutsch: Bauwesen / Español: Construcción / Português: Construção / Français: Construction / Italiano: Costruzione /

Construction is described as an energy-consuming subsector of the industrial sector that consists of all facilities and equipment used to perform land preparation and construct, renovate, alter, install, maintain, or repair major infrastructure or individual systems therein.


"Construction" is in the NAICS Code "212321"
(Construction Sand and Gravel MiningPebbles (except grinding) mining and/or beneficiating)

"Construction" is in the CPC Code "54"
Construction services

"Construction" is in the HS Code "7302"
Railway Or Tramway Track Construction Material Of Iron Or Steel, The Following: Rails, Check-Rails A

"Construction" is in the UNSPSC Code "14111610"
Construction paper

Ref: 123325/2006-10-01

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Construction (NACE code 45--- (Construction).)
roof architecture (roof architecture refers to a construction, in a ...)

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