Freighter refers to a vessel or an aircraft dedicated to carry air cargo or used for the carriage of air cargo.

Firing denotes a step during the manufacture of ceramic tile using a kiln or furnace to develop desired properties through controlled heat treatment.

Finish refers to the specifically shaped formation of glass surrounding the container opening which will eventually accept a cap.

Fruit is characterized as the part of a plant that grows where a flower used to be, after the flower was pollinated and died.

Fleece wool is identified as those fleeces that are usually grown in the states east of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers.

Flavored milk is described as a subclass of fluid - packaged milks, to which flavoring has been added, such as chocolate, strawberry and vanilla.

Field corn is characterized as a corn that is grown to be used to feed livestock, used to make ethanol, or used in making food products. It does not have the sweet pleasant taste like sweet corn which is planted for human consumption.

Fiberglass described as the most familiar type of insulation. It is spun from molten glass, and is pure white in its virgin state.

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