Deutsch: Düngemittel / Español: Fertilizante / Português: Fertilizante / Français: Engrais / Italiano: Fertilizzante

Fertilizer in the industrial context refers to any substance used to enhance the growth of plants by providing essential nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These substances are vital for supporting plant health and increasing crop yields, making them fundamental to modern agriculture.

Deutsch: Lebensmittelverarbeitungsanlage / Español: Planta de procesamiento de alimentos / Português: Planta de processamento de alimentos / Français: Usine de transformation alimentaire / Italiano: Impianto di lavorazione alimentare

A food processing plant in the industrial and industry context refers to a facility where raw food products are transformed into finished food goods through various physical and chemical processes. These plants play a crucial role in the food supply chain, ensuring the mass production, safety, and distribution of food for consumer markets.

Deutsch: Aromatisierung / Español: Saborización / Português: Aromatização / Français: Aromatisation / Italiano: Aromatizzazione

Flavoring in the industrial context refers to the process of adding or enhancing the flavors of products through natural or synthetic agents. This practice is extensively used in the food and beverage industry, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors where taste is a crucial aspect of product appeal and acceptance.

Deutsch: Entflammbarkeit / Español: Inflamabilidad / Português: Inflamabilidade / Français: Inflammabilité / Italiano: Infiammabilità

Flammability in the industrial context refers to the characteristic of a material being easily ignited and capable of burning rapidly. This property is crucial in various industries as it determines how materials should be handled, stored, and used safely to prevent fire hazards.

Deutsch: Feuerwerk / Español: Fuego artificial / Português: Fogos de artifício / Français: Feu d'artifice / Italiano: Fuoco d'artificio

Firework in the industrial context refers to a pyrotechnic device or technology used for entertainment purposes in displays designed to explode in a controlled and colorful manner. Fireworks are used primarily in public celebrations, events, and festivals to create visually spectacular effects.

Deutsch: Lebensmittelproduktionsindustrie / Español: Industria de Producción de Alimentos / Português: Indústria de Produção de Alimentos / Français: Industrie de la Production Alimentaire / Italiano: Industria della Produzione Alimentare

The food production industry in the industrial context encompasses the entire process of creating food products, from raw material acquisition to the processing, packaging, and distribution of finished goods to consumers. This industry is integral to the global economy, addressing the essential need for a reliable, safe, and efficient food supply. It involves a wide range of operations, including agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, food processing, and food technology, all aimed at producing a diverse array of food items that meet various dietary and cultural preferences.

Deutsch: Lebensmittelverarbeitung / Español: Procesamiento de Alimentos / Português: Processamento de Alimentos / Français: Transformation Alimentaire / Italiano: Lavorazione degli Alimenti

Food Processing in the industrial context refers to the methods and techniques used to transform raw ingredients into finished food products for consumption. This process encompasses a broad range of activities designed to preserve food, enhance its flavor, or make it more convenient to store and use. Food processing includes everything from basic cleaning and packaging to the cooking, freezing, fermenting, and pasteurizing of foods.

Deutsch: Lebensmittelindustrie / Español: Industria Alimentaria / Português: Indústria Alimentícia / Français: Industrie Alimentaire / Italiano: Industria Alimentare

The food industry in the industrial context encompasses the comprehensive sector involved in the production, processing, packaging, and distribution of food products from farm to table. It plays a crucial role in the global economy, ensuring the availability of a wide range of food products to meet the nutritional needs and preferences of the world's population. This industry integrates various elements, including agriculture, food processing, food technology, packaging, distribution, and retail.