Fermenter is described as the vessel in which the process of mash fermentation takes place. The vessel may be fabricated from steel, fiberglass, etc., and is normally fitted with an internal or external cooling system for controlling the temperature of the fermenting mash.

Fermentation pertains to the process of converting grape juice or natural sugars into ethyl alcohol by introducing the yeast or through the action of the yeast. The yeast consumes the sugar in the juice converting it into alcohol and carbon dioxide. The natural stopping point is at 15%.

Frame refers to a component of manual wheelchair. The two most common types of frames currently available are rigid frame chairs where the frame remains in one piece and the wheels are released for storage or travel, and the standard Cross-brace frame which enables the frame to fold for transport or storage.

Finfish Fishing - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in the commercial catching or taking of finfish (e.g., bluefish, salmon, trout, tuna) from their natural habitat.

The term forester may refer to the following:

Flocculation is the process of forming into loose woolly masses

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