Fishlanding nets are small bag-like net attached to a long handle, for taking a hooked fish from the water.
Ref: 123791/2006-09-19

Floater is identified as a three-wheeled or four-wheeled farm implement that spreads chemicals in the fields.
Ref: 123802/2006-09-21

Fluke is described as the broad flat parts of an anchor that are designed to grab and hold in the bottom. It can also refer to the fin on a whale .
Ref: 122263/2006-10-09

Flyer is identified as an advertising brochure inserted in newspapers, magazines or directly mailed to customers.
Ref: 123910/2006-10-03

Filled milk a type of milk which natural milkfat has been removed and replaced with other fats or oils from plant sources.
Ref: 123839/2006-09-24

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): milks
Front end loader is a bucket type loader and described as a tractor loader with a digging bucket mounted and operated at the front end of the tractor. It is a tractor loader that both digs and dumps in front.

front end loader, is likewise described as wheeled or tractor loader, with a bucket or fork hinged to lifting arms, that loads or digs entirely at the front end; track or rubber-tired machine equipped with forks.
Ref: 122325/2006-09-19

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Flame grain is the name applied to grain that is almost 'straight grain' but displays some variation in the thickness of the grain, resulting in a "tiger's eye" type of look.
Ref: 123954/2006-10-18

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): grains
Fur-bearing mammal pertains to animal hunted for their furs. Raccoon, coyote, opossum, beaver, mink, muskrat, otter, red and gray fox, skunks, fisher, long-tailed weasel and bobcat are kinds of fur-bearing mammal
Ref: 122503/2006-10-02

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