Deutsch: Steuerknüppel / Español: Palanca de mando / Português: Manche / Français: Manette de commande / Italiano: Joystick

Joystick in the industrial context refers to a manual control device used in various machinery and equipment to allow the operator to control the movement of the machine or cursor on a computer screen with a hand-operated lever. In the industrial setting, joysticks are crucial for the precise control of complex machinery, including cranes, assembly robots, and various types of vehicles.

Deutsch: Japan / Español: Japón / Português: Japão / Français: Japon / Italiano: Giappone

Japan in the industrial and industry context is renowned as a global leader in technology and manufacturing, with a strong emphasis on innovation, precision, and efficiency. Japan's economy is one of the largest in the world, and it has been a pioneer in fields ranging from automotive to electronics and robotics.

Deutsch: Tischlerei / Español: Carpintería de armar / Português: Marcenaria / Français: Menuiserie / Italiano: Falegnameria

Joinery in the industrial context refers to the art and science of constructing the joints in woodworking projects, which includes doors, windows, and furniture, among other items. It involves the techniques and processes used to join pieces of wood together to create complex items without the predominant use of nails, screws, or other metal fasteners. This skill is highly valued in custom and precision woodworking fields such as cabinetry and fine furniture making.

Deutsch: Zuständigkeit / Español: Jurisdicción / Português: Jurisdição / Français: Juridiction / Italiano: Giurisdizione /

Jurisdiction in the industrial and industry context refers to the authority and legal power of a specific government or regulatory body to make decisions, enforce laws, and regulate activities within a defined geographical area or sector. It is a fundamental concept that plays a crucial role in governing and managing various aspects of industries, trade, and commerce. The extent of jurisdiction can vary from local to national and international levels, impacting businesses and organizations operating within its boundaries.

Jersey refers to a type of fabric with a flat appearance, knit on a circular, single-knit machine ; its principal distinction is that it is not a fabric with a distinct rib.

In the industrial context, 'juice' typically refers to a beverage made from the extraction or pressing of fruits and vegetables. The juice industry is a large and diverse industry, with a variety of products available to consumers, including pure fruit and vegetable juices, blends of different fruits and vegetables, and juice drinks with added sugars and other ingredients.

Deutsch: Job / Español: Job / Português: Job / Français: Job / Italiano: JOB

Job may refer to a regular activity performed in exchange for payment.

Jacket is described as the outer covering over the inner metal core of a bullet.