In the industrial and industry context, authority typically refers to the power or control that an organization or individual has over a particular aspect of an industry or process.

Here are some examples of how authority is used in industry:

  1. Regulatory authority: Government agencies may have the authority to regulate certain industries or processes, such as environmental regulations or workplace safety.

  2. Quality control authority: Companies may designate certain individuals or teams with the authority to ensure that products or services meet certain quality standards.

  3. Production authority: Individuals or teams may be given the authority to oversee and manage the production process, ensuring that everything runs smoothly and efficiently.

  4. Research and development authority: Companies may designate certain individuals or teams with the authority to conduct research and development activities, exploring new technologies or processes to improve products or services.

Similar things to authority in the industrial context include power, control, and oversight. Other related terms may include governance, management, and decision-making.

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