Control is a very important component of battery-powered chairs, as these chairs generally include as a standard feature - a manually controlled joystick to regulate the chair 's speed and direction.

Most manufacturers, are now offering customized control options to accommodate the varied abilities  of the user, including sip-n-puff systems, head  and chin switches, push-button  controls, trackballs, and tillers . Many chairs also have programmable control features which allow the user or a dealer to adjust or set the chair's speed and control limits as the user's abilities change.

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"Control" is in the NAICS  Code "221121"
  (Electric Bulk  Power Transmission and Control Transmission of electric power)

"Control" is in the HS  Code "8526"
  Radar Apparatus , Radio Navigational Aid Apparatus And Radio Remote Control  Apparatus

"Control" is in the UNSPSC  Code "20121407"
  Control  line protectors

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