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An apparatus (plural apparatus, apparatuses) may be one of the following:

1. A machine, as in a fire engine or fire truck.

2. Reference tools added to a book, apart from the text, such as variant readings or translations, textual notes, a concordance, a bibliography, or an index, designed for the use of scholars studying the book.
3. One or more pieces of equipment on or with which gymnastics is performed.

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"Apparatus" is in the NAICS Code "334210"
(Telephone Apparatus ManufacturingToll switching equipment, telephone, manufacturing)

"Apparatus" is in the CPC Code "4811"
Apparatus based on the use of X-rays or of alpha, beta or gamma radiations

"Apparatus" is in the HS Code "8442"
Machinery, Apparatus And Equipment ( Other Than The Machine-Tools Of Heading N? 8456 To 8465), For T

Ref: 122080/2006-09-19

Apparatus refers to an appliance or device designed for a particular use and produced by physical act or labor. One of the pieces of equipment used in gymnastics competition, including the balance beam, the horizontal bar, parallel bars, the pommel horse, still rings, uneven bars, and the vaulting horse.

-see also:
"Apparatus" is in the NAICS Code "33421"
Telephone Apparatus Manufacturing

"Apparatus" is in the CPC Code "4732"
Apparatus for sound and video recording and reproducing

"Apparatus" is in the HS Code "7417"
Cooking Or Heating Apparatus Of A Kind Used For Domestic Purposes, Non-Electric, And Parts Thereof,

Ref: 86191/2006-09-13

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