Deutsch: Waage Español: Escala / Português: Escala / Français: Échelle
In the industrial or industry context, "scale" refers to a device used to measure or quantify weight, mass, or other physical quantities. Scales are used in a wide range of industries, from manufacturing and construction to food processing and logistics. Some examples of industrial scales include:

  • Bench Scales: Small, portable scales used for routine weighing tasks, such as weighing packages, ingredients, or small parts.

  • Floor Scales: Large, heavy-duty scales used to weigh large items, such as pallets, containers, or trucks.

  • Crane Scales: Scales that are mounted on cranes or hoists to weigh heavy loads as they are lifted.

  • Truck Scales: Scales used to weigh trucks and other commercial vehicles, such as trailers, at weigh stations, truck terminals, and other locations.

  • Dynamometer Scales: Scales used to measure force, torque, or power, such as engine dynamometers, tensile testers, and compression testers.

  • Laboratory Scales: High-precision scales used in laboratory and scientific research, such as analytical balances, microbalances, and precision scales.

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