Labeling refers to the act of affixing labels to something, tagging; classifying, naming

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"Labeling" is in the NAICS Code "56191"
  Packaging and Labeling Services

"Labeling" is in the UNSPSC Code "41122702"
  Labeling tapes
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Lexicon from 'Labeling' until 'Luggage'
Lexicon from 'Labeling' until 'Luggage'

Labelling includes provisions on the name of the food and any special requirements to ensure that the consumer is not deceived or misled about the nature of the food. These provisions must be consistent with the Codex General Standard for the Labelling of Prepackaged Foods. Requirements for the listing of ingredients and date-marking are specified.

Laboratory refers to a workplace for the conduct of scientific research The workroom of a chemist; also, a place devoted to
experiments in any branch of natural science; as, a chemical,
physical, or biological laboratory.

Lace is applied to ornamental open work formed of f threads of flax, cotton, silk, gold or silver, and occasionally mohair or aloe fibre, looped or plaited or twisted together by hand,
(1) with needle, when the work is distinctively known as " needlepoint lace ";

(2) with bobbins, pins and a pillow or cushion, when the work is known as " pillow lace "; and-

(3) by steam-driven machinery, when imitations of both needlepoint and pillow laces are produced. Lace-making implies the production of ornament and fabric concurrently. Without a pattern or design the fabric of lace cannot be made

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"Lace" is in the NAICS Code "313249"
  (Other Knit Fabric and Lace MillsKnitting lace)

"Lace" is in the HS Code "5804"
  Tulles And Other Net Fabrics, Not Including Woven, Knitted Or Crocheted Fabrics; Lace In The Piece,

"Lace" is in the UNSPSC Code "11162109"

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Lacquer is characterized as a fast-drying pyroxylin paint often used to finish automobile bodies .
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    Lactate dehydrogenase test system is described as a device intended to measure the activity of the enzyme lactate dehydrogenase in serum. Lactate dehydrogenase measurements are used in the diagnosis and treatment of liver diseases such as acute viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, and metastatic carcinoma of the liver, cardiac diseases such as myocardial infarction, and tumors of the lung or kidneys.

    Lager means beers made from bottom-fermenting yeast and aged at near-freezing temperatures. Lager was
    eveloped by German brewers who discovered that aging beer in natural caves after the initial fermentation produced a cleaner beer and made their brews less susceptible to contamination. Below are kinds of lager:

    1. Pilsner - a very dry, pale lager. Lots of hop aromas.

    2. Oktoberfest/Maerzen - the overall impression should be malt but not in the nutty, bready way of a British Brown; after all this is still a German lager. With only enough hops to balance, the malty character is dominant in the aroma and flavor without being overwhelming. The body should be light brown with a white head.

    3. Bock - usually a dark, strong, sweeter brew - gets its name from "Bock," derived from the town of Einbeck in Lower Saxony (Niedersachsen), known for its hops beer. Bock is traditionally brewed in the fall and aged through the winter for consumption in the spring. Doppelbock is a stronger variety of bock

    4. Dunkel - is a German word for dark, also spelled Dunkle or Dunkles.
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    Lamb refers to the meat from sheep less than one year old. The phrase 'Spring Lamb' on it meat label means that the lamb was produced between March and October.

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    "Lamb" is in the HS Code "4105"
      Sheep Or Lamb Skin Leather , Without Wool On, Other Than Leather Of Heading N? 4108 O R4109
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    Laminated glass pertains to two or more sheets of glass with an inner layer of transparent plastic to which the glass adheres if broken. This type of glass is used for safety glazing and sound reduction.

    Landscaping services refers to the industry comprises which comprises: (1) establishments primarily engaged in providing landscape care and maintenance services and/or installing trees, shrubs, plants, lawns, or gardens and (2) establishments primarily engaged in providing these services along with the design of landscape plans and/or the construction (i.e., installation) of walkways, retaining walls, decks, fences, ponds, and similar structures.

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    "Landscaping services" is in the UNSPSC Code "72102902"
      Landscaping services
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