Deutsch: Viehzucht / Español: Ganadería / Português: Pecuária / Français: Élevage / Italiano: Allevamento di Bestiame

Livestock farming in the industrial context refers to the practice of raising animals for the production of food (such as meat, milk, and eggs), fiber (such as wool), and other products on a large scale. This sector encompasses a variety of animal species, including cattle, pigs, poultry, sheep, and goats. Industrial livestock farming, often termed factory farming, is characterized by high-density animal housing, automated feeding systems, and sophisticated management practices aimed at maximizing production efficiency and profitability.

Deutsch: Flüssiggase / Español: Gases Licuados del Petróleo (GLP) / Português: Gases Liquefeitos de Petróleo (GLP) / Français: Gaz de Pétrole Liquéfiés (GPL) / Italiano: Gas di Petrolio Liquefatti (GPL)

Liquefied Petroleum Gases (LPG) in the industrial context refer to hydrocarbon gases, mainly propane and butane, which are liquefied through pressurization or refrigeration. LPG is used across a wide range of applications due to its portability, high energy content, and clean-burning properties. In industries, LPG serves as a versatile fuel and feedstock, playing a crucial role in heating, cooking, transportation, manufacturing, and agriculture.

Deutsch: Flüssigerdgas / Español: Gas Natural Licuado / Português: Gás Natural Liquefeito / Français: Gaz Naturel Liquéfié / Italiano: Gas Naturale Liquefatto

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in the industrial context refers to natural gas that has been cooled to a liquid state, at about -162°C (-260°F), for ease of storage and transport. This process significantly reduces the volume of the gas, making it more efficient to handle and transport over long distances, especially where pipelines are not feasible or economically viable. LNG is primarily methane with small amounts of other hydrocarbons, and its conversion to a liquid state allows for a more flexible global energy supply chain.

Deutsch: Leadgenerierung / Español: Generación de Leads / Português: Geração de Leads / Français: Génération de Leads / Italiano: Generazione di Lead

Lead Generation in the industrial context refers to the process of identifying and cultivating potential customers for a business's products or services. In industries ranging from manufacturing to technology services, lead generation is a critical component of the marketing strategy, aiming to build a pipeline of prospective clients who show interest in the company's offerings. This process involves attracting and converting individuals or organizations into leads, ideally moving them down the sales funnel towards becoming paying customers.

Deutsch: Logistikverwaltung / Español: Administración de Logística / Português: Administração de Logística / Français: Administration de la Logistique / Italiano: Amministrazione della Logistica

In the industrial and industry context, Logistics Administration refers to the strategic oversight and management of logistics operations, which encompass the planning, implementation, and coordination of the movement and storage of goods, services, and information from origin to consumption. This function is crucial for ensuring the efficient and effective flow of materials and products within the supply chain, meeting customer demands, and maintaining competitive advantage. Logistics Administration covers a broad spectrum of activities, including inventory management, transportation, warehousing, material handling, order fulfillment, and logistics network design.

Deutsch: Führungsfähigkeit / Español: Capacidad de liderazgo / Português: Capacidade de liderança / Français: Capacité de leadership / Italiano: Capacità di leadership

In the industrial and industry context, leadership ability refers to the capacity of individuals at various levels of an organization to guide, influence, and inspire others towards achieving common goals and objectives. It encompasses a range of competencies and skills, including strategic thinking, decision-making, communication, empathy, and the ability to manage change effectively. Leadership ability is critical for navigating the complexities of modern industrial operations, driving innovation, and ensuring that organizations adapt successfully to the rapidly changing business environment.

Deutsch: Niedriger Rückenwindsor / Español: Windsor de espalda baja / Português: Windsor de baixa costa / Français: Windsor bas du dos / Italiano: Windsor basso /

Low-back Windsor refers to windsor with a single horizontal bow that supports arm rests and the back section.

Deutsch: Lebende Koralle / Español: Coral Vivo / Português: Coral Vivo / Français: Corail Vivant / Italiano: Corallo Vivo /

Live coral is described as any pieces of live coral transported in water and that are identifiable to the level of species or genus.