Adhesive in relation to a stamp affixed to envelopes by means of gum on the reverse.However, some stamps are printed directly onto postcards, envelopes or wrappers.

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"Adhesive" is in the NAICS Code "32552"
Adhesive Manufacturing

"Adhesive" is in the HS Code "3005.10"
- - Adhesive dressings and other articles having an adhesive layer

"Adhesive" is in the UNSPSC Code "31201522"
Adhesive transfer tape

Ref: 120755/2006-10-03

Adhesive (glue, gum) is defined as a substance or material capable of holding materials together by surface attachment using tack, adhesion, and cohesion properties. Glues, cements, pastes, epoxy, and mucilage are some of the common adhesives.
Adhesive is a compound, glue, or mastic used in the application of gypsum board products to framing or for laminating one or more layers of gypsum boards.

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"Adhesive" is in the NAICS Code "3255"
(Paint, Coating, and Adhesive ManufacturingPaint, Coating, and Adhesive Manufacturing)

"Adhesive" is in the HS Code "3005"
Wadding, Gauze, Bandages And Similar Articles (For Example, Dressings, Adhesive Plasteres, Poultices

"Adhesive" is in the UNSPSC Code "23153401"
Adhesive or glue application systems

Ref: 120664/2006-09-22

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