Gypsum refers to a naturally occurring crystalline form of calcium sulfate in which each molecule of calcium sulfate is combined with two molecules of water. 

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"Gypsum" is in the NAICS Code "32742"
  Gypsum Product Manufacturing

"Gypsum" is in the HS Code "2520"
  Gypsum; Anhydrite; Plasters (Consisting Of Calcined Gypsum Or Calcium Sulphate) Whether Or Not Colou

"Gypsum" is in the UNSPSC Code "30111701"
  Gypsum plaster

Ref: 124091/2006-09-19

Gypsum refers to a mineral composed of calcium sulphate. It is a very soft mineral composed of calcium sulfate dihydrate, with the chemical formula CaSO4?2H2O. Likewise, gypsum is a monoclinic mineral, 8[CaSO4.2H2O]; colorless to white in crystals, but massive beds may range from red to yellow to brown, gray, or black; the most common natural sulfate; commonly associated with rock salt (halite) and anhydrite; forms beds and lenses interstratified with limestone, shale, and clay, esp. in rocks of Permian to Triassic age; also in volcanic fumarolic deposits; an accessory mineral in metalliferous veins.

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"Gypsum" is in the NAICS Code "3274"
  (Lime and Gypsum Product ManufacturingLime and Gypsum Product Manufacturing)

"Gypsum" is in the HS Code "2520"
  Gypsum; Anhydrite; Plasters (Consisting Of Calcined Gypsum Or Calcium Sulphate) Whether Or Not Colou

"Gypsum" is in the UNSPSC Code "11111601"

Ref: 86196/2006-09-13


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