Accessory denotes an object or device aiding or contributing in a secondary way. Accessories is a general term which have something to do with supplemental or subordinate element added to another entity, appendage, or attachment ; that can be added or connected in auxiliary capacity. It may refer to:

Fashion accessories that help to bring up the spot that one wants to highlight in a dress or apparel and hide some flaws in the dress. These fashion accessories include handbags, jewelry, belts, hats, etc.
Computer accessories since most operating systems nowadays require the use of a mouse, one of the most important accessories, aside from the mouse itself, is the mouse mats/pads that help in improving the performance of the mouse. Speakers, on the other hand, work hand-in-hand with the sound card and so with the camera. Other computer accessories are: printers, scanners, keyboard, dust covers, etc
Concrete accessories used in the concrete and paving industry, such as the items used to assemble scaffolding, shoring, and forms, other than the walers, frames, and the forms themselves in the placing of concrete (curb and gutter forms, flatwork forms, filler forms, flexible forms, and straight forms)

The term accessory may further refer to any of the following:

  • a legal term for a person who assists in some manner, but does not participate in the comission of a crime as a joint principal
  • fashion accessory, a worn or carried item which may be used to complete a wearer's outfit, or complement the wearer's look
  • video game accessory, a piece of hardware that is required to use a video game console (such as a power adaptor, audio/video cable, or game controller)
  • accessory suite (or secondary suite), a second dwelling or structure on a piece of land normally alloted for only one
  • rental accessories and attachments, embedded, external or consumable parts or items that are included but may be billed separately from rental equipment
  • accessory bone, a small bone that is only present in a significant portion of the population, rather than the entire population
  • accessory muscle, a muscle that is not primarily responsible for, but provides assistance in initiating movement
  • accessory nerve, a cranial nerve that controls the sternocleidomastoid muscles in the neck, and the trapezius muscles in the shoulders and back
  • spinal accessory nucleus, a part of the accessory nerve

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"Accessory" is in the NAICS Code "333515"
(Cutting Tool and Machine Tool Accessory ManufacturingChasers (i.e., a machine tool accessory) manufacturing)

"Accessory" is in the UNSPSC Code "44102609"
Accessory or supply kits for typewriters

Ref: 120620/2006-09-19

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