Camera is described as the most important tool of the photographer in film parlance.

It is the primary means of bringing film into being. It exposes film, usually, at a rate of 24 frames per second.The camera allows the human eye to be tricked into seeing movement when in actuality the frames of films are technically all stills.

Each frame is held stationary behind the shutter as it becomes exposed to the light. The film is carried through the camera by a series of sprockets and cams. The unexposed film begins its traverse through the mechanisms of the camera on the feed reel ending its journey on the take-up reel. The camera allows the film to travel through the mechanism at a seeming continuous rate though each frame of film momentarily stops behind the shutter. This motion is intermittent and the camera is structured through its series of systems and loops to regulate the diverse tensions and keep the film from tearing

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  Camera and Photographic Supplies Stores

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