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Device can be taken to mean:

1. An electrical device designed to carry power;

2. A small appliance such as a TV set or mini oven;
3. A machine or functional part of a machine;
4. A component of a computer such as a printer or network card; and
5. An Information appliance such as a cell phone or PDA.

See also:
"Device" is in the NAICS Code "334112"
(Computer Storage Device ManufacturingStorage devices, computer, manufacturing)

"Device" is in the UNSPSC Code "43233405"
Device drivers or system software

Ref: 123184/2006-09-19

Device may refer to: machine , a tool , information appliance, such as a cell phone, a peripheral device attached to a computer, and an electronic component.

-see also:
"Device" is in the NAICS Code "334112"
(Computer Storage Device ManufacturingComputer Storage Device Manufacturing)

"Device" is in the UNSPSC Code "43233405"
Device drivers or system software

Ref: 86223/2006-09-13

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