Deutsch: Teilnehmer / Español: participante / Português: participante / Français: participant / Italiano: partecipante

A participant in the industrial context refers to any entity actively involved in the industrial processes, including companies, employees, suppliers, and other stakeholders. These participants are essential for the functioning and progression of the industry, contributing through various roles such as production, supply chain management, and innovation.

Deutsch: Stift / Español: Bolígrafo / Português: Caneta / Français: Stylo / Italiano: Penna

Pen refers to a writing instrument used to apply ink to a surface, typically paper. In the industrial context, pen encompasses not only the manufacturing of pens themselves but also their use in various applications within the industry, including marking, labelling, and quality control.

Deutsch: Prisma / Español: Prisma / Português: Prisma / Français: Prisme / Italiano: Prisma

Prism in the industrial context refers to a geometric solid used in various applications, including optics, engineering, and manufacturing processes. It plays a crucial role in manipulating light, creating precision tools, and contributing to various industrial tasks.

Deutsch: Physik / Español: física / Português: física / Français: physique / Italiano: fisica

Physics is the scientific study of matter, energy, and the interactions between them. In the industrial context, physics plays a crucial role in the development, optimization, and innovation of various processes, machinery, and technologies used in industry.

Deutsch: Vorschlag / Español: Propuesta / Português: Proposta / Français: Proposition / Italiano: Proposta

In the industrial or industry context, a proposal refers to a document or presentation that outlines a plan, project, or idea aimed at solving a problem or fulfilling a need within the industry. It is commonly used to pitch new projects, initiate changes in processes, request funding, or suggest collaborations between companies.

Deutsch: Gewinn / Español: Ganancia / Português: Lucro / Français: Profit / Italiano: Profitto

Profit is the financial gain that a company or organization realizes when its total revenue exceeds its total expenses. In the industrial context, profit is a crucial indicator of a company's financial health and efficiency, reflecting its ability to generate earnings from its operations.

Deutsch: Phänomen / Español: Fenómeno / Português: Fenômeno / Français: Phénomène / Italiano: Fenomeno

Phenomenon in the industrial and industry context refers to an observable event, process, or occurrence that can be scientifically analyzed or used to influence various operational aspects of the industry. This term encompasses a wide range of scenarios from natural events affecting production to engineered processes designed to improve efficiency or product quality.

Deutsch: Kalisalz / Español: Potasa / Português: Potassa / Français: Potasse / Italiano: Potassa

Potash in the industrial and industry context refers to various mined and manufactured salts that contain potassium in water-soluble form. It is primarily used as a fertilizer (potassium carbonate) but also has significant applications in other industrial processes due to its properties as a water-soluble source of potassium, one of the essential nutrients for plant growth.