Portable device refers to a computing device or storage card that is not a desktop computer.

A harbor or haven where ships may anchor, or that side of the vessel on the left hand or a person who stands on board facing the bow.

Pollution prevention means the use of processes, practices, materials , products, substances or energy that avoid or minimize the creation of pollutants and waste, and reduce the overall risk to the environment or human health.

Pneumatic means involving "air" as in air-filled or pneumatic tires.

Photo nook or photobook: is defined as a photo album that is bound like a hard cover book.

Parent company refers to the highest level company or group of companies that own or directly control the reporting facility.

Press denotes a machine having a stationary bed or anvil and a slide (ram or hammer) which has a controlled reciprocating motion toward and away from the bed surface and at right angle to it.

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