Deutsch: Sperrholz, French - bois contre-plaqué, Spanish - madera contrachapada

The term plywood refers to a type of structural material that is composed of multiple layers (or plies) of wood veneer that are stuck together in such a way as to ensure that the wood grain of the adjoining layers are at right angles to each other, thus making the resulting material stronger and more resistant to warping or other deformities.

Platinum pertains to one of the three precious metals along with gold and silver, platinum is the rarest of them all. It is harder than the other precious metals and has a higher melting point, making it difficult to alloy and work with.

The term pig may refer to the following:

  • any animal belonging to the genus Sus
  • Guinea pig (or cavy), a species of rodent belonging to the genus Cavia, that are used as test subjects, kept as pets and even consumed as food in some areas

The term printing refers to the process of reproducing text and images on paper, textiles, metals and other composite materials using various methods, most of which involve a master form or template.

Pasteurization is described as the partial sterilization of foods with heat or radiation to destroy microorganisms without major chemical changes to the substance.

Petroleum distillates, also called hydrocarbons or petrochemicals, refer to a broad range of compounds which are extracted by distillation during the refining of crude oil. During the fractional distillation of petroleum, crude oil is heated to allow various compounds to turn from liquid into gas and then captured as they rise, cool, and condense.

Patient lift is a mobility device (power or hydraulic) used for assisting a transferring patient. Lift/commode is a medical device, ideal for people with muscular-skeletal or neuromuscular limitations.

PC is

1) the acronym of personal computer .

2) Polycarbonat 

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