Rabbit refers to a domesticated lagamorph of the genus Orctolagus Cuniculus. Some of the meat sold fresh or frozen in the grocery store is a domesticated animal from the rabbit family. The meat is finely textured and almost all white. Choosing a small, younger rabbit, in the range of 2 to 3 pounds, will provide a more tender and mild flavored meat.

Rabbit a small plug that is run through a flow line by pressure to clean the line or test for obstructions

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"Rabbit" is in the NAICS Code "112930"
  (Fur-Bearing Animal and Rabbit ProductionRabbit production)

Ref: 86258/2006-09-13

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Lexicon from 'Rabbit' until 'roof area '

Racetracks refers to a course over which races are run. Horse racetracks is one example.

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"Racetracks" is in the NAICS Code "711212"
  (Racetracks Thoroughbred racetracks)

"Racetracks" is in the UNSPSC Code "90151903"
Ref: 86259/2006-09-13

Radial type holders are designed and manufactured to specific customer requirements and are available in either hand or shank style. This style of type holder is used for marking in a circle on flat parts.
Ref: 124406/2006-10-27

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Radio broadcasting broadcasting, transmission of sound or images to a large number of receivers by radio. In the United States the first regularly scheduled radio broadcasts began in 1920 at 8XK (later KDKA) in Pittsburgh
radio, transmission or reception of electromagnetic radiation in the radio frequency range. The term is commonly applied also to the equipment used, especially to the radio receiver.

Ram is described as the driven/movable part of a metalforming machine .
Ref: 122836/2006-10-12

Ramie refers to a strong, staple fiber of cellulose yielded by the inner bark of the ramie plant. It's often used as a less expensive substitute for linen or cotton, and is usually blended with cotton, flax or silk.

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"Ramie" is in the HS Code "5305"
  Coconut, Abaca (Manila Hemp Or Musa Textilis Nee), Ramie And Other Vegetable Textile Fibres, Not Els

"Ramie" is in the UNSPSC Code "11121808"
Ref: 86454/2006-09-14

Range wool are coming from sheep grown on large ranches, distinct from wool grown on small farms; usually termed Territory wool.
Ref: 123958/2006-10-18

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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): woolens, Wools
Rattan is a kind of wood from the climbing palm family that brings a textured effect and looks great with tropical décor. Wicker is made from rattan, usually found in lanai or indoor porch.

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"Rattan" is in the UNSPSC Code "11121605"
Ref: 122633/2006-10-11

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Diskussionsforum (forum)
Raw ivory is characterized as all whole elephant tusks, polished or unpolished and in any form whatsoever, and all elephant ivory in cut pieces, polished or unpolished and howsoever changed from its original form, except for æworked ivory?.

In French - ivoire brut
In Spanish - marfil no trabajado
Ref: 122841/2006-10-12

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