Roof terms refer to word or expression; specifically, one that has a precisely limited meaning in certain relations and uses, as in roofs.

Rocking chair is described as a uniquely American piece of furniture developed in the Colonial period, it consists of a chair mounted on curved runners which create a rocking motion when the unit is occupied.

Rotary screw compressor is a machine in which compression is affected by the positive action of rotating elements.

Roof refers to the assembly of interacting components designed to weatherproof and normally to insulate a buildings surface, separated from adjacent assemblies by walls or changes in elevation. A roof structure refers to the framework or framework system that supports the roof of a building or industrial facility.

Rock Cornish fryer, roaster, or hen is the progeny of a Cross between a purebred Cornish and a purebred Rock chicken, without regard to the weight of the carcass involved; however, the term fryer, roaster,or a hen shall apply only if the carcasses are from birds with ages and characteristics of a broiler or fryer or roaster or roasting chicken.

Rabbit refers to a domesticated lagamorph of the genus Orctolagus Cuniculus. Some of the meat sold fresh or frozen in the grocery store is a domesticated animal from the rabbit family. The meat is finely textured and almost all white. Choosing a small, younger rabbit, in the range of 2 to 3 pounds, will provide a more tender and mild flavored meat.

Rayon fibre is characterized as a man-made fibre made from regenerated cellulose. It is made by forcing cellulose through fine holes then solidifying it into thread in either a chemical Bath or warm air. This thread is primarily used in sport shirts and occasionally in suits to provide superior drape and to fight wrinkles.

Roaster or Roasting Chicken refers to a bird which is young chicken, usually three to five months of age, of either sex, that is tender-meated with soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin and breastbone cartilage that may be somewhat less flexible than that of a broiler or fryer.

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