Deutsch: Menschlicher Verbrauch / Español: Consumo humano / Português: Consumo humano / Français: Consommation humaine / Italiano: Consumo umano /

Human consumption designed or intended to be ingested by humans.

Deutsch: Hopperwaage / Español: Báscula de tolva / Português: Balança de tremonha / Français: Balance à trémie / Italiano: Bilancia a tramoggia /

Hopper scale is described as scale designed for the bulk weighing of commodities whose load-receiving element is a tank, box, or hopper mounted on a weighing element.

Deutsch: Homeoffice / Español: Oficina en casa / Português: Escritório em casa / Français: Bureau à domicile / Italiano: Ufficio a casa /

Home office refer to a part of your home or other structure on your property for which you qualify to take a deduction for its business use.

Home furnishings refer to all furniture and accessories for the home, including dishes and glassware, rugs, and furniture.

High cotton refers to type of cotton fabric that results in a soft hand. Therefore, it has little or no lint and a tighter knit, which makes for ideal screen printing.

Health and beauty care (HBC) is described as health and beauty products which are found in a retail stores, as in shampoo, lotion, cough drops, cold remedies, makeup, etc. which are used or utilized to enhance the beauty of the user or for health purposes.

- High-Definition Television (HDTV) : High-Definition Television (HDTV) refers to the highest quality of DTV pictures. True HDTV is in the widescreen 16x9 format, offers Dolby Digital sound, and uses a video format of 1080i, 1080P or 720p.

Deutsch: Handkamera / Español: Cámara de mano / Português: Câmera de mão / Français: Caméra portative / Italiano: Fotocamera portatile /

Hand-held camera is a device used by a camera operator to shoot a scene holding the camera , rather than a tripod or a mechanical vehicle.