Deutsch: Luftfeuchtigkeit / Español: Humedad / Português: Humidade / Français: Humidité / Italiano: Umidità

Humidity in the industrial context refers to the amount of water vapor present in the air within an industrial environment. It is a crucial factor in various manufacturing and storage processes, as it can significantly impact the quality, safety, and efficiency of operations.

Deutsch: Hafen / Español: Puerto / Português: Porto / Français: Port / Italian: Porto

Harbour (UK-English. In US-English it is harbor) refers to a place on the coast where ships, boats, and barges can dock, load, and unload cargo or passengers. In the industrial context, a harbour is a critical infrastructure for facilitating maritime trade, supporting logistics, and enabling the transport of goods and materials.

Deutsch: Hochtemperatur / Español: Alta temperatura / Português: Alta temperatura / Français: Haute température / Italiano: Alta temperatura

High-temperature refers to environments, processes, or conditions that involve extremely elevated temperatures, typically exceeding 200°C (392°F). In the industrial context, high-temperature conditions are crucial for various processes and applications, requiring specialized equipment and materials to handle the intense heat.

Deutsch: Hypertonie / Español: Hipertensión / Português: Hipertensão / Français: Hypertension / Italiano: Ipertensione

Hypertension refers to the condition of elevated blood pressure in the arteries. In the industrial context, it often relates to the health and safety of workers, where high-stress environments and demanding job roles can contribute to the development or exacerbation of hypertension among employees.

Deutsch: Haarteil / Español: Peluca / Português: Peruca / Français: Perruque / Italiano: Parrucca

Hairpiece refers to an artificial covering of hair used to enhance or replace existing hair on the head. It is commonly used in various industries for cosmetic, theatrical, and medical purposes.

Deutsch: Horten / Español: Acaparamiento / Português: Acumulação / Français: Accumulation / Italiano: Accaparramento

Hoarding in the industrial context typically refers to the accumulation of raw materials, components, or products by a company or within a supply chain beyond current needs, often in anticipation of future shortages, price increases, or disruptions in supply. This practice can affect industries by creating artificial scarcity, disrupting normal market operations, and leading to increased prices and inefficiencies in supply chain management.

Deutsch: Hohe Toxizität / Español: Alta Toxicidad / Português: Alta Toxicidade / Français: Haute Toxicité / Italiano: Alta Tossicità

High Toxicity in the industrial context refers to substances or materials that pose significant health risks to humans or the environment due to their chemical properties and potential for causing harm even in small quantities. In industries ranging from chemical manufacturing to waste management, understanding and managing the risks associated with highly toxic substances are crucial for ensuring workplace safety, public health, and environmental protection.

Deutsch: Gesundheitswesen / Español: Industria de la Salud / Português: Indústria da Saúde / Français: Industrie de la Santé / Italiano: Industria Sanitaria

The healthcare industry in the industrial context encompasses a broad range of services, products, and technologies aimed at maintaining and improving health. This sector includes hospitals and clinics, pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers, healthcare IT solutions, insurance companies, and a wide array of healthcare providers offering diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive care services. It is a critical component of global economies, not on