Deutsch: Vervielfältigungsgerät / Español: Duplicador / Português: Duplicador / Français: Duplication / Italiano: Duplicatore

Duplicator in the industrial context refers to a device or system used to create multiple copies of objects, documents, or digital data. This term encompasses a broad range of machinery and technologies designed to replicate items quickly and efficiently, catering to various needs across different sectors of the industry.

Deutsch: Abriss / Español: Demolición / Português: Demolição / Français: Démolition / Italiano: Demolizione

Demolition in the industrial context refers to the process of systematically dismantling or destroying structures, machinery, or other built environments, typically as part of clearing a site for new construction or for the removal of obsolete facilities.

Deutsch: Dihydrofolat-Reduktase-Inhibitor / Español: Inhibidor de la dihidrofolato reductasa / Português: Inibidor da di-hidrofolato redutase / Français: Inhibiteur de la dihydrofolate réductase / Italiano: Inibitore della diidrofolato reduttasi

Dihydrofolate reductase inhibitors (DHFR inhibitors) in the industrial and industry context primarily refer to their use in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors. These inhibitors target the enzyme dihydrofolate reductase, which is crucial in the folate pathway that synthesizes DNA, RNA, and proteins. By inhibiting this enzyme, DHFR inhibitors are essential in the development and manufacture of medications, particularly for treating cancers and bacterial infections where rapid cell division is a key factor.


In the industrial and industry context, a dehumidifier refers to a device used to reduce and maintain the level of humidity in the air, primarily for health reasons, to prevent mold growth, and to protect sensitive equipment or products. Industrial dehumidifiers are crucial in various sectors where excess moisture could degrade product quality, interfere with storage conditions, or cause machinery to corrode.

Deutsch: Destillationskolonne / Español: Columna de destilación / Português: Coluna de destilação / Français: Colonne de distillation / Italiano: Colonna di distillazione

A distillation column in the industrial context is a critical piece of equipment used in the process of separating mixtures based on differences in the volatilities of components. This equipment is commonly used in chemical plants, petroleum refineries, and other industries where the purification and fractionation of liquid mixtures are required to produce high-purity products.

Deutsch: Dominanz / Español: Dominio / Português: Dominância / Français: Domination / Italiano: Dominanza

Dominance in the industrial context refers to a situation where a particular company, product, or country exercises significant control or influence over the market or industry. This can manifest in high market share, influencing pricing, innovation leadership, or setting industry standards.

Deutsch: Offenlegung / Español: Divulgación / Português: Divulgação / Français: Divulgation / Italiano: Divulgazione

Disclosure in the industrial context refers to the act of making information available or public, particularly about business operations, financial status, or compliance with regulatory requirements. This term is critical in maintaining transparency, building trust with stakeholders, and adhering to legal and ethical standards.

Deutsch: Detonation / Español: Detonación / Português: Detonação / Français: Détonation / Italiano: Detonazione

Detonation in the industrial context refers to a type of rapid combustion involving an explosive release of energy that generates a shockwave. This phenomenon is crucial in various industrial applications, particularly in sectors such as mining, demolition, and military engineering.