Diffraction is identified as the phenomenon of light that occurs when light passing through a narrow aperture bends when it passes around an edge.

Differential is defined as a device - usually made of gears - that divides the torque between a vehicle's driving wheels and permits the wheels to turn at different speeds.

Differential gear is defined as a bevel gear that permits rotation of two shafts at different speeds.

Demand is a term to denote the amount of goods people are willing and able to buy at a given price; often coupled with supply.

Dyes are characterized as a synthetic or natural organic chemicals that are soluble in most common solvents. Characterized by good transparency, high tinctorial strength, and low specific gravity.

Die-cutting refers to the use of a sharp, formed piece of metal to cut out specific shapes in a piece of paper.

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Drawing is a term used for a variety of forming operations, such as deep drawing a sheet metal blank ; redrawing a tubular part; and drawing rod, wire, and tube.

Drive system refers to the means by which power is delivered to the chair's wheels. Standard drive systems include gear drive, direct drive, and belt drive. The type of drive system affects the power available to propel the chair and the amount and type of maintenance the chair requires.

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