Dairy Cattle and Milk Production - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in milking dairy cattle.

Dolby stereo is identified as a commercial film sound process that allows four individual soundtrack channels (Left, Center, Right, Surround) to be recorded onto a 35mm film print using only two optical soundtracks, and then recovered when the film is projected. 

Disabled persons equipment and supplies  is a term describing all the equipment and supplies that help persons with physical, sensory, or mental impairments that can make performing an everyday task more difficult.

Diesel is a term referring to a type of fuel composed of distillates obtained in petroleum refining operation or blends of such distillates with residual oil used in motor vehicles . The boiling point and specific gravity are higher for diesel fuels than for gasoline. Diesel fuel is used to run farm machinery, heat houses, and run trucks.

A Disk is a memory device which uses a magnetic media for the storage of information. Disk, as a term, has expanded into other areas often used to describe the shape of the storage media, that is: floppy disk, compact disk, laser disk, or hard disk. It sometimes refers to the way in which the storage media mimics a disk media; that is, RAM disk or bubble memory.

Dressing an animal involves the preparation of the carcass of a hunted animal, bird, or fish by removing hide or skin, plucking the feathers, some bones, and entrails and cleaning them after. Example of this kind is the dressed chicken

Dredge pertains to machines used mainly to target shellfish, dredges employ a heavy mesh to suck everything from the sea floor. The gear is dragged along the bottom, and the shellfish are held in a sort of bag or sieve which allows the water, sand or mud to run out.

Dividers refer to compasses with fixed points used in architectural design and construction work to record measurements and divide lines into equal parts.

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