Demisters is defined as a part of the heating/cooling ventilation system used to help clear the mist from the inside of the windows. Generally associated with the side windows to aid in side mirror visibility

In atmospheric chemistry, demister refers to an apparatus made of wire mesh or glass fibre which is used to help remove acid mist as in the manufacture of sulfuric acid. Demisters are also components of wet arrestment plants.
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Demountable systems are used on trucks for loading and unloading containers and demountable platforms.
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Denitrification is characterized as the biochemical reduction of nitrate or nitrite to gaseous nitrogen, either as molecular nitrogen or as an oxide of nitrogen.
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Department store is characterized as a large retail store that sells a variety of merchandise, organized into departments according to the kind of merchandise for easy promotion, service and control.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Stores
Neglecting of one's duty
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Derrick is a tall frame with tackle for hoisting heavy weights. It is also called the upper part of an oil rig, the boom on a crane. It is a hoisting machine consisting usually of a vertical mast, a slanted boom and associated tackle; may be operated mechanically or by hand.
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Desorption is a terms which is the opposite of absorption, whereby the material retained by a medium or another material is released.
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Dessicate means to dry out. In a cropping sense, dessication usually means to apply a total herbicide to speed up the ripening and drying process.
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