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Business (plural: Businesses) is the social science of managing people to organize and maintain collective productivity toward accomplishing particular creative and productive goals, usually to generate revenue.


Business in the industrial context refers to the activities involved in producing, buying, selling, or trading goods and services. It encompasses a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, technology, finance, and healthcare. Business plays a crucial role in driving economic growth and creating jobs. Companies within the industrial sector often focus on producing goods at scale to meet the demands of consumers and other businesses. They also engage in marketing, sales, and distribution to ensure their products reach the right customers.



Application Areas

Treatment and Risks

  • Market fluctuations
  • Competition from other businesses
  • Regulatory changes
  • Supply chain disruptions
  • Technological advancements



Similar Concepts and Synonyms


Articles with 'Business' in the title

  • Agribusiness: Agribusiness is denoting to all activities that are relevant to the production, transformation / value adding, distribution and retailing of food, fibre and associated products including the provision of services such as education, banking, . . .


Business in the industrial context involves the production, buying, selling, and trading of goods and services across various industries. Companies in this sector focus on producing goods at scale and engaging in marketing and distribution activities to reach customers. However, businesses face risks such as market fluctuations, competition, and regulatory changes that can impact their operations and profitability.


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