Treatment refers to means subjecting the substance to physical, chemical, biological or thermal processes at an off-site location prior to final disposal.

Textile refers originally to a woven fabric; now applied generally to any one of the following:

Tanning is described as the process of converting rawhide into a soft leather fabric that is used for a number of purposes, most specifically to make clothing.

Tow dolly is described as a short, two-Wheel trailer coupled to the motorhome for transporting a car or other towed vehicle with two of the vehicle's wheels off the ground. The towed vehicle is driven up the dolly ramps so that two wheels rest on the dolly and the other two wheels are on the ground. Tow dollies are not applicable for certain rear-wheel-drive vehicles.

Tiller is described as the control and steering mechanism for the scooter, usually containing the controls to drive the scooter forward or in reverse, as well as steering the front Wheel or wheels.

Tie-down fitting is described as an attachment device designed to transfer forces between a load-bearing device such as a net, Strap, rope, or bar, and a seat track.

Tire is characterized as the round rubber that sits on your Wheel and gives you a smooth ride, if it doesn't go flat.

Thermometer refers to an instrument for measuring temperature whose development began in the early seventeenth century. Thermometers are based on the property of gases, liquids, and solids to Expand or contract with changes in temperature. Other thermometer designs are based on electrical phenomena.

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