Tackle refers to a weight-lifting machine typically composed of a pair of pulley-block s (one fixed, one mobile) housing sheaves, with a rope running in their grooves.

Tolerance pertains to the allowable variation from actual specifications permitted in the manufacturing operation.

Turkey Production this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in raising turkeys for meat or egg production.

Trailer a device that makes it possible to tow a vehicle with all four wheels totally off the ground.

Tank refers to a container for holding gasses or liquids. Generally cylindrical in shape. Large tanks are found on the chassis of trucks for transporting bulk products, as in tank truck or tanker.

Tow bar is identified as an apparatus that connects a car or other towed vehicle to the motorhome and enables that vehicle to be transported with all four wheels on the ground.

Thermal cutting refers to the parting or shaping of materials by the application of heat with or without a stream of cutting oxygen.

A Terminal is an assigned area in which containers are prepared to be loaded into a vessel or are stacked immediately after discharge from the vessel.