A Truck refers to a motorized vehicle, essentially a self propelled waggon, used to carry goods on a flat deck or inside a box. Trucks are usually designated by size or type of cargo it will carry. I.e.: 1 Ton; 5 Ton; logging or tank truck

The Travelling circus is a traveling show put on by clowns, acrobats, and trained animals. A circus often travels from city to city to perform inside a big tent.

Traffic control device  refers to all signs, signals, markings, islands, and other devices used to regulate, warn, or guide traffic, placed on, over, or adjacent to a street, highway , road, pedestrian facility , or bicycle path by authority of a public body or official having jurisdiction.

Towed vehicle is identified as a car, pickup truck, or sport utility vehicle pulled behind the motorhome using a tow bar, tow dolly or trailer. This auxiliary vehicle often is more suitable to drive on backcountry roads or into town than a large motorhome. In addition, the motorhomer does not have to break camp to make short trips into town. Also referred to a dinghy or toad.

A tiled roof is a plate, or thin piece, of baked clay, used for covering  a building component enclosing a building above, thus providing a weatherproof shelter

The industry of every country depends on the development of the national economy, the law, the government and plenty of other conditions.

Tafia refers to an unaged, Caribbean or South American alcoholic beverage produced by batch distillation of beers obtained by the fermentation of sugar-cane juice or molasses. It is similar to aguardiente and rum
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Tensely refers to a synthetic fiber made from tree bark. It is a wrinkle-free fabric used in casual shirts and pullovers.
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