Textile refers originally to a woven fabric; now applied generally to any one of the following:

1. Staple fibers and filaments suitable for conversion to or use as yarns, or for the preparation of woven, knit or nonwoven fabrics.
2. Yarns made from natural or man-made fibers.
3. Fabrics and other manufactured products made from fibers as defined above and from yarns.

Garments and other articles fabricated from fibers, yarns or fabrics when the products retain the characteristic flexibility and drape of the original fabrics.
See "Textile" is in the NACE Code "17.2"
  Textile weaving
"Textile" is in the NAICS Code "313"
  (Textile MillsTextile Mills)
"Textile" is in the CPC Code "263"
  Textile yarn and thread of natural fibres
"Textile" is in the HS Code "5303"
Jute And Other Textile Bast Fibres (Excluding Flax, True Hemp And Ramie), Raw Or Processed But Not S
"Textile" is in the UNSPSC Code "11141601"
  Textile waste or scrap

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