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Rubber refers to a material that is capable of recovering from large deformations quickly and forcibly, and can be, or already is, modified to a state in which it is essentially insoluble (but can swell) in a boiling solvent such as benzene, methyl ethyl ketone or ethanol toluene azeotrope.

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"Rubber" is in the NAICS Code "316211"
(Rubber and Plastics Footwear ManufacturingOvershoes, plastics or plastics soled fabric upper, manufacturing)

"Rubber" is in the CPC Code "27992"
Rubber thread and cord, textile covered; textile yarn and strip, impregnated or covered with rubber or plastics

"Rubber" is in the HS Code "3812"
Prepared Rubber Accelerators; Compound Plasticisers For Rubber Or Plastics,Not Elsewhere Specified O

"Rubber" is in the UNSPSC Code "11141607"
Rubber waste or scrap

Ref: 86457/2006-09-14

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