Zirconium is a type of metal which was discovered by Martin Heinrich Klaproth from Germany in 1789. The origin of the name comes from the Arabic word zargun meaning gold colour.

Zinc chloride is defined as a carbon zinc battery with a slightly acidic electrolyte consisting mainly of zinc chloride in water.

Zinc is characterized as a blue-grey metal used for galvanising (coating) iron and steel to protect against Rust.

The acronym ZTE may refer to the following:

    • Zero Thermal Expansion, a property ascribed to certain materials that do not expand when heated

Zinc-Air cell is a term used to define a battery with zinc as one electrode and air as the other, which saves carrying one electrode around as air can be collected, as it?s needed.

Zinc oxide with chemical symbol ZnO, is described as an amorphous white powder used as a pigment in plastics. It is also reported to be the best ultraviolet light absorber of all commercially available pigments.

- Zerol bevel gear : Zerol bevel gear is characterized as a bevel gear with intersecting shafts.
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Zinc anode makes reference to a small piece of zinc metal that is secured to or placed near the underwater part of an outboard engine, metal hull, or other metal object in salt water. By attracting galvanic activity, it protects the engine, hull, and other objects from corrosion.
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