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Metal is defined as solid mineral element that is able to conduct heat and electricity and is pliable under heat or pressure. Some common metals include bronze, copper and iron. Precious metals are the type of metals which are used for making jewelry, such as platinum, gold, and silver.

Metal is a term used to define as a chemical element characterised by high brightness (reflectivity) and good thermal and electrical conductivity. Metals have crystalline structures with metallic bonding in the lattice. They have good strength properties and are easily malleable.

They are divided into heavy metals and light metals depending on their density (boundary: 4.5 g/cm3)and into precious and base metals depending on their chemical durability. They are divided into groups of similar properties in the periodic table, e.g. alkali metals, alkaline earth metals, rare earth metals. Further divisions include metalloids and non-ferrous metals.

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"Metal" is in the NAICS Code "2122"
(Metal Ore MiningMetal Ore Mining)

"Metal" is in the CPC Code "14"
Metal ores

"Metal" is in the HS Code "2616"
Precious Metal Ores And Concentrates

"Metal" is in the UNSPSC Code "11180000"
Metal oxide

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