Iron is a chemical element with the symbol Fe (L.: Ferrum) and atomic number 26.

Iron is a group 8 and period 4 metal. Iron is notable for being the final element produced by stellar nucleosynthesis, and thus the heaviest element which does not require a supernova or similarly cataclysmic event for its formation. It is therefore the most abundant heavy metal in the universe.

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"Iron" is in the NAICS Code "212210"
  (Iron Ore MiningTaconite concentrates or agglomerates beneficiating)

"Iron" is in the CPC Code "141"
  Iron ores and concentrates, other than roasted iron pyrites

"Iron" is in the HS Code "2502"
  Unroasted Iron Pyrites.

"Iron" is in the UNSPSC Code "11101601"
  Iron ore

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