Deutsch: Gerät / Español: artilugio / Português: dispositivo / Français: gadget / Italiano: gadget

A gadget in the industrial context refers to a small mechanical or electronic device with a practical use but often thought of as a novelty. These devices are typically innovative and designed to solve a specific problem or function within an industrial setting.

Deutsch: Erdung / Español: Puesta a tierra / Português: Aterramento / Français: Mise à la terre / Italiano: Messa a terra

Grounding is a fundamental safety measure in the industrial context, involving the creation of a direct physical connection between electrical systems and the earth. This process ensures the safe dissipation of electrical energy, protecting equipment and personnel from electrical faults and ensuring operational safety.

Deutsch: Spiel / Español: Juego / Português: Jogo / Français: Jeu / Italiano: Gioco

Game in the industrial context refers to the structured and strategic use of game elements, principles, or technologies within industrial operations or business processes to enhance productivity, engagement, and innovation. This includes gamification techniques, serious games, and simulation tools applied in various industrial applications.

Deutsch: Gummi / Español: Goma / Português: Goma / Français: Gomme / Italiano: Gomma

In the industrial or industry context, gum refers to a broad category of substances that are viscous, sticky, and often elastic. These materials are derived either naturally from plant exudates or synthetically produced to mimic natural gum properties. Industrially, gums are used for their binding, thickening, and stabilizing properties in various products ranging from food to pharmaceuticals and adhesives.

Deutsch: Griechisch / Español: Griego / Português: Grego / Français: Grec / Italiano: Greco

Greek in the industrial and industry context often refers to elements or influences derived from Greece that impact various sectors of industry. This may include architectural styles, engineering concepts, or traditional products and practices that have originated in Greece and are utilized or valued in global industries today.

Deutsch: Gasabsorber / Español: Absorbedor de gas / Português: Absorvedor de gás / Français: Absorbeur de gaz / Italiano: Assorbitore di gas

A gas absorber in the industrial and industry context refers to equipment used to remove one or more specific components from a gas stream. This process is crucial in controlling air pollution, processing gases in chemical production, and in various other applications where impurities or specific gases need to be removed from exhaust streams or air supplies.

Deutsch: Deutschland / Español: Alemania / Português: Alemanha / Français: Allemagne / Italiano: Germania

Germany in the industrial and industry context is recognized as a powerhouse of engineering, innovation, and manufacturing. It stands as one of the world’s largest and most advanced economies, with a strong focus on high-tech products and a commitment to quality that is respected worldwide. The country's industrial sector is diverse and includes leading positions in automotive, mechanical engineering, chemical, and electrical industries.

Deutsch: Grüne Fertigung / Español: Manufactura Verde / Português: Manufatura Verde / Français: Fabrication Verte / Italiano: Produzione Verde

In the industrial and industry context, Green Manufacturing refers to the process of producing goods through methods that minimize negative environmental impacts, conserve energy and natural resources, and are economically sound and safe for employees, communities, and consumers. It encompasses a wide range of practices, including the use of sustainable materials, reducing waste and emissions, recycling, and implementing energy-efficient processes. The goal of green manufacturing is to achieve a sustainable industrial operation that not only reduces its carbon footprint and environmental impact but also enhances efficiency and competitiveness in the market.