Grass pertains to a plant in the grass family (Poaceae). These are usually short plants with slender leaves.

Generation is characterized as the group of individuals of a given species that have been reproduced at approximately the same time; the group of individuals of the same genealogical rank.

Glaze makes reference to the substances used to coat cabinetry that produce enhancements in door detail, wood color and tone.

Gold is a precious metal that is very soft when pure and is the most malleable and ductile - that is able to be made into wire, metal.

Gypsum refers to a naturally occurring crystalline form of calcium sulfate in which each molecule of calcium sulfate is combined with two molecules of water.

Grape is a kind of fruit which are grown and used for juices, raisins, and table fruit, but of the world's grape production mostly goes into making wine.

Granite is described as a coarse grained igneous rock containing the minerals mica, quartz and feldspar.