Garment is referring to an article of clothing or a piece of clothing; outer covering

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"Garment" is in the CPC Code "87230"
  Garment and household textile repair services

GIS is the acronym of geographic information system.

Ref: 123981/2006-10-18

Geothermal energyrefers to the heat energy in the earth's crust. The source of this energy is the earth's molten interior.

Gilt is defined as a female pig before her first litter.
Ref: 124158/2006-09-21

Glossy paper is described as paper coated with a slick and shiny surface. This kind of paper is often used in magazines, yearbooks, and photo books.
Ref: 120776/2006-10-04

Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Papers
Gear cutting is described as an apparatus or method particularly adapted to form an element on a workpiece body, which element is intended to intermesh with an element on another body whereby motive force may be transmitted from one of the bodies to the other.

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"Gear cutting" is in the UNSPSC Code "23153307"
  Gear cutting tools
Ref: 123771/2006-09-19

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Gin is defined as a compounded spirit - the basic product flavored by juniper berries which are usually classified as dry or heavy. Dry gins are light in flavor and body, while heavy gins are heavily flavored and full-bodied.
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Gray tint pertains to a medium gray color designed to reduce solar heat gain and glare.
Ref: 124418/2006-10-29

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