General aviation operations - commercial refers to all commercial civil aviation operations other than scheduled air services and non-scheduled air transport operations for remuneration or hire. The main categories of commercial general aviation are as follows. i) Air taxi
ii) Photographic
iii) Sightseeing trips
iv) Advertising
v) Agricultural /crop spraying
vi) Medical/air ambulance trips
vii) Other commercial

In French - Vols d'aviation générale - commerciaux
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): generale, Commercials
General merchandise is pertaining to movable goods for which changes in ownership - actual or imputed - occur between residents and non-residents.

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"General merchandise" is in the NAICS Code "452990"
  All Other General merchandise Stores
  ... primarily engaged in retailing new goods in General merchandise stores (except department stores, wa ...
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General merchandise stores revolve around establishments primarily engaged in retailing a general line of merchandise. Includes department stores, mass merchandisers, shopping centres.

Examples of general merchandise as found in a retail stores: greeting cards, automotive products, bakeware, party supplies, candles, glassware, etc. - but in a broad sense can also include health and beauty care.
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Handi (Handi is a Hindi earthenware cooking pot.)
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- Generating set (GENSET) : Generating set refers to an apparatus that generates electricity. It is a group of rotating machines transforming mechanical or thermal energy into electricity.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): Sets, Gensets
- Geographic Information System (GIS) : Geographic Information System (GIS) is described as a computer-based information system designed to handle georeferenced data which has also the capability to efficiently capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, display and output a full range of geographical data. Output can be in many forms: either as tables, graphics, or maps.
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Geologist hammer is described as square section hammer with a flat face at one end and a chisel at the other. These hammers are used by geologists for taking rock samples.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): geologists
Germicidal lamp offers ultraviolet technology that is a non-chemical approach to disinfection. In this process of disinfection, nothing is added which makes this development simple, economical and requires very low maintenance.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): lamps
Gimmer refers to a female sheep over a year old which may or may not have had lambs.
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Lexicon from 'Galvanometer scanner' until 'Gimmer'

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