Wheat is described as the major cereal crop grown in many countries overall the world.

Wall cabinet is described as a case, box, or piece of furniture which mounts on a wall, commonly with shelves and doors, used for storage .

Warp knitting is by far the most versatile fabric production system in textiles . Warp knitted fabrics can be produced flat, tubular or three-dimensional, to be elastic or stable, and with an open or closed structure.

Wet combustion is described as an in-situ combustion technique in which water is injected simultaneously or alternately with air into a formation.

Wildlife is characterized as any living creature, wild by nature, endowed with sensation and power of voluntary motion and including mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles, which spend a majority of their life cycle on land.

Weighing machinery are scales and weigh modules that measure static or dynamic loads for a wide range of industrial applications. They are used to weigh small packages, the contents of hoppers, and extremely heavy loads that are hauled by trucks or trains.

Welding represents the joining of two workpieces in a liquid state. The welding stock and the welding rod are made of the same basic material .

Wood byproducts refers to primary wood products, as in. pulp chips, animal bedding, fuelwood, etc., recycled from mill residues.

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