White goods refers to the generic name for obsolete household appliances such as washers, dryers, refrigerators, etc.
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Wholesaler is characterized as a person importing or causing to be imported into the state or purchasing or causing to be purchased within the state alcoholic liquor for sale or resale to retailers licensed under the act.
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Wide-angle lens is a term that can refer to:

In still photography, a camera device which controls the coverage. Normal viewing is filmed through 50mm lenses while wide-angles usually begin at 35mm

In cinematography, and still photography, the lens itself is shorter yielding a shorter focal length and providing a broader field of vision. This type of lens is often used in cover or establishing shots.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): lenses
Wide mouth refers to the finish of a glass container in which the diameter of the mouth is large relative to the diameter of the body.
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Widescreen is described as wide shape, or aspect ratio, for video pictures. Widescreen pictures are usually in the 16x9 format, but there are even wider pictures available.
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Wild boar refers to wild hogs which are still found in parts of the United States. Pigs used in modern pork production are thought to be descendants of the European wild boar. Wild boars are considered to be descendants of European wild boars introduced into the US for sport hunting, or the hybrid offspring of escaped domestic hogs.
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Wildlife habitat -is described as the native environment of an animal. Habitats ideally provide all the elements needed for life and growth: food, water, cover and space.
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Alternative Spellings (Synonyms): habitats
Windscreen relates to a transparent fiberglass surface on the front of Champ Car World Series cars designed to aid air flow and deflect turbulent air from the driver.

Monocle Windscreen which is a circular section windscreen, carried on the steering column, that offers protection only to the driver.

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"Windscreen" is in the HS Code "8512"
  Electricla Lighting Or Signalling Equipment ( Excluding Articles Of Heading N? 8539), Windscreen Wip
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