Alcohol although in ordinary conversation ethyl alcohol is generally referred to merely as 'alcohol' that term applied to a long series of hydroxy organic compounds beginning with the one-carbon compound methanol, or methyl alcohol.

Both methyl and ethyl alcohols are common solvents frequently used in formulating pesticidal mixtures.

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"Alcohol" is in the NAICS Code "325193"
(Ethyl Alcohol ManufacturingEthyl alcohol, nonpotable, manufacturing)

"Alcohol" is in the HS Code "2208"
Undenatured Ethyl Alcohol Of An Alcoholic Strengh By Volume Of 80% Vol Or Higher; Ethyl Alcohol And

"Alcohol" is in the UNSPSC Code "12191601"
Alcohol solvents

Ref: 86466/2006-09-14

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