Ale has something to do with a type of beer, made from fermented barley malt and hops. It has a stronger and slightly bitterer taste than most beers. A dark malted beer, soft but noticeable fruitiness, minimal hop bitterness.

Its color can vary from light to dark amber. This beer is sometimes referred to as English beer and is the oldest kind of beer. Listed below are kinds of ales:

1. Barley wine - an ale with exaggerated levels of alcohol, malt flavor, and hops that originated in England. It is brewed mostly from pale malt, the same stuff used to make pale ale.

2. Pale ale - a clear, paler ale developed by British brewers as an alternative to the darker and cloudier traditional English ales. It includes bitter ale. It has a malty profile and just enough woody or lightly floral hops for balancing. It is elegant and a great session beer.

3.. Indian pale ale - a hoppier version of pale ale. Originally brewed in England with extra hops to survive the journey to British troops stationed in India. It is fruity, super-premium style ale that has a strong flavour of hops. Good with red meats.

4. Porter - a dark ale that originated from England, it is almost opaque, though it should be clear when light does find its way through. The nose usually contains mild notes of roasted grains, chocolate, and toffee. There can also be undertones of coffee or licorice. The flavor is always mild with None of the harsh or bitter notes of stout. A dark ale that originated in England.

5. Stout - a dark ale developed in Britian and Ireland. Stout is a direct descendant of porter and is generally darker and stronger in flavor.

6. Wheat beer - any of the various ale styles brewed with a significant amount of malted wheat. The nose carries strong hints of bananas and clove. The flavor carries the same banana and clove characteristics with barely perceptable hops bittering.

7. Brown ale - a strong, dark coloured ale, that in Britain is somewhat sweet, from the stewing of barley. An excellent beer to serve with desserts or nuts.

8. Cream ale - a mild, sweet ale which is made in the United States.

9. Scotch ale - a strong, malt style ale which is often served as a night-cap. It can be served in winter with hearty food.

10. Irish ale - aalty with an apparent fruitiness. Sometimes with a buttery note, these beers are soft and rounded, reddish in color.

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