Oilseed (except Soybean) Farming - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in growing fibrous oilseed producing plants and/or producing oilseed seeds, such as sunflower, safflower, flax, rape, canola, and sesame.

Other Grain Farming - this industry comprises establishments primarily engaged in (1) growing grain(s) and/or producing grain seeds (except wheat, corn, and rice) or (2) growing a combination of grain(s) and oilseed(s) with no one grain (or family of grains) or oilseed (or family of oilseeds) accounting for one-half of the establishment's agriculture production (value of crops for market).

Oxygenated fuel makes reference to any fuel substance containing oxygen, includes oxygen-bearing compounds such as ethanol and methanol. Oxygenated fuel tends to give a more complete combustion of its carbon into carbon dioxide, thereby reducing air pollution from exhaust emissions.

Ophthalmic refractometer is a diagnostic device which is described as an automatic AC-powered device that consists of a fixation system, a measurement and recording system, and an alignment system intended to measure the refractive power of the eye by measuring light reflexes from the retina.

Operator refers to someone who owns or operates a business; one who performs some act upon the human body by means of the hand, or with instruments, or one who, or that which, operates or produces an effect.

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) has something to do with vehicle (or computer) manufacturers that provide the original design and materials for assembly and manufacture of their product. They are directly responsible for manufacturing and modifying vehicles (computers), making the vehicles (computers) commercially available, and providing a warranty for the finished product.

Oak barrel (American) are barrels made from oak wood from American forests. American oak barrels are generally thought to impart more aggressive wood flavors than do French oak barrels.

Oak barrel (French) has to do with barrels made from oak wood from French forests. French barrels impart more subtle wood flavors to wine than do American oak barrels.

Offshore installation means an offshore drilling unit, production platform or ship, or subsea installation attached or anchored to the continental shelf of Canada in connection with the exploitation of oil or gas.

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