Deutsch: Ausrüstung / Español: Equipo / Português: Equipamento / Français: Équipement / Italiano: Attrezzatura /

Equipment revolves around all machinery, tools, and other apparatus, together with the necessary supplies for upkeep and maintenance, needed for the proper construction and acceptable completion of the work.

It means: supplies; necessary items; tools, instruments or other objects for completing a task. Examples are: electronic equipment that broadcasts or receives electromagnetic waves representing images and sound, (, television, etc); naval equipment means equipment for use of the navy like naval radar and shipboard system

Equipment a general term including material, fittings, devices,
appliances, luminaires (lighting fixtures), apparatus, and
other parts used in connection with an electrical installation.

-see also:
"Equipment" is in the NAICS Code "2382"
(Building Equipment ContractorsBuilding Equipment Contractors)

"Equipment" is in the HS Code "7308.40"
- - Equipment for scaffolding, shuttering, propping or pitpropping

"Equipment" is in the UNSPSC Code "40000000"
Distribution and Conditioning Systems and Equipment and Components

Ref: 123770/2006-09-19

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