Deutsch: Installation / Español: Instalación / Português: Instalação / Français: Installation / Italiano: Installazione

In the industrial, industry context, "installation" refers to the process of setting up and putting into operation a piece of equipment, machine, or system. The term can refer to both the physical process of putting together the components and the commissioning or activation of the system.

Some common examples of installations in industrial, industry applications include:

  • Manufacturing equipment installations: setting up and connecting machines in a manufacturing plant.

  • Power plant installations: putting together the components of a power plant, including boilers, turbines, and generators, and connecting them to the electrical grid.

  • Building automation installations: integrating heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and lighting control systems in a building.

  • Piping installations: setting up pipes and valves to transport liquids, gases, or solids in a manufacturing plant or chemical processing facility.

  • Instrumentation and control installations: installing and connecting sensors, controllers, and other components to monitor and control various process variables in industrial settings.


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